City of Princeton 

Home of the Famous Flea Market and Historic Downtown on the Fox

Bird Awareness In Princeton

Helpful Articles from Bird City Wisconsin to improve Princeton's relationship with birds.
Attached Document or FileCollision Avoidance Protects Birds Useful Information About Protecting Birds From Windows
Attached Document or FileGiving Birds What They Need, Where They Need It Information about making the environment better for birds
Attached Document or FileSpeedy Aerialists Need Our Help Information About Protecting an Endangered Wisconsin Bird
Attached Document or FilePlants That Provide Food for Songbirds Information about beneficial plants for songbirds
Attached Document or FileBest Practices Information about making shelters for birds
Attached Document or FileHow to get BIRDS to LOVE your yard An interesting article about bird feed
Attached Document or FileInvasive Plant Species of Wisconsin An Interesting Page with Pictures and descriptions of the most invasive plants in Wisconsin
Attached Document or FileBest Management Practices A DNR page about minimizing the spread of Invasive Species
Attached Document or FileInvasive Species Learn about invasive species in Wisconsin
Attached Document or FileHelpful Gardener Tips.pdf Some tips about reducing the spread of invasive species
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