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2018 Flood Information

Flood information

Flood updates 2019

3/22/2019  As the Fox River has continued to rise, we are nearing 11'.  Data is collected through Wisconsin Emergency Management and the WIDOT.  As previously provided filled sandbags are available as well as bulk sand and bags.  Information provided at this time provide the river should crest soon, however variation occurs when water is released which flows into the River.

Residents who need assistance can call 211 and leave a message. This service is through Green Lake County. 

3/20/2019   The Fox River in Princeton has risen nearly 2' since Sunday.  Current level is at 10.25.   This rise in water level is primarily attributed to the release of water from area lakes and marshes starting to unthaw.   The National Weather Service indicated this a.m. that the Fox River in Princeton is set to crest at 10.5 Friday a.m. (3/22).   Filled sandbags are available as well as bulk sand & empty bags behind the public works garage at 438 W. Main Street.

3/15/2019  If you water damaged items, please contact city hall at 295-6612 for disposal details on large items, there is a dumpster available.  Small items can be placed in your weekly garbage cart.  Items such as electronics can be disposed of during our Electronic Recycling Event on May 13, 2019 (details on the e-cycle event will be made available on this home page by the end of March).

3/15/2019  Current water level at the gauging station is just below 9'.  Sand and sand bags are available to be filled if needed.  On Sunday 3-17, Emergency personnel will be filling sandbags, anyone wishing to assist can be at the City Garage between 11-2.  Sandbags will also be filled on Tuesday 3-19 at the City Garage between 12-3 with the assistance of the Princeton School students.   Residents will be able to obtain sandbags.     Volunteers should wear gloves and bring shovels. 

If you do not live in the City Limits, you should contact your Town or Village representatives for the location of sandbags or the disposal of water damaged items.

3/12/2019  The Fox River is again reaching flood stages.   It is anticipated that by Monday 3/18 the River will be at a level of 9.8 which is close to the level of the Fox River on Labor Day 2018, the start of the fall flood.  Bulk sand has been delivered to the same area as was available last fall and sand bags are available to be filled.    City Residents can fill bags as needed.  Due to the frost and river being frozen, the flooding may affect different areas than it did last fall. 

FALL 2018

UPDATE 10/11/2018  Recent rains have once again raised the Fox River Levels.   Sand and sand bags are sill available at the Public Works Garage.   Residents in low lying areas should be prepared for high water, anticipated to crest this weekend.  Residents are still encouraged to call 211 if assistance is needed in any capacity.
UPDATE 10/4/2018  Sand and sandbags are still available at the Public Works Garage.  Funding assistance options as noted on 9/14 are still available.  
UPDATE 9/27/2018  FEMA and other agencies were in the City/County to assess damages.  Residents are still encouraged to contact 211 to report any concerns or damage as agencies look at County-wide need when making decisions for funding and assistance options.
UPDATE 9/25/2018  We have been informed that FEMA and County Emergency Management personnel will be assessing damage in Green Lake County this week looking at the areas which sustained damage from recent floods.  
UPDATE 9/20/2018 As high water recedes, always document your damage with photos before items are removed or disposed of.  Photos are an essential key in documenting your loss.
UPDATE 9/14/2018  Help With Storm Recovery

As the state continues to dry out and clean up from the severe storms a few weeks ago, Governor Scott Walker announced today that two state agencies are launching new assistance programs to help homeowners and small businesses recover. The Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) is creating a new $2 million Flood Relief Loan program that will provide no-interest loans of up to $10,000 for repairing homes damaged by flooding. These loans will help homeowners pay for repairs not covered by insurance or federal funds. The funds can be used to replace heating, electrical or plumbing systems as well as to fix foundations and other structural elements. Homeowners interested in applying for a WHEDA Flood Relief Loan can call 1-800-562-5546. The second assistance effort is a microloan program aimed at small businesses. Offered by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), the $2 million Disaster Recovery Microloan Program will provide funds for necessary restoration work and related expenses. These microloans of up to $15,000 will provide a short-term source of funds for repair work and operating expenses until more long-term recovery funding can be secured. For more information about the microloan program, visit    In addition to these state programs, the Governor has asked the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) conduct a Preliminary Damage Assessment in Wisconsin beginning September 24, 2018 for flood and tornado damage to homes, businesses and public infrastructure. This information will be used as part of the request for a federal disaster declaration.     Finally, any homeowners or businesses that sustained storm and flood damage are asked to report it to 2-1-1 or contact their county emergency management by the end of the day today. 

UPDATE 9/13/2018 notification from County Health Department:   Folks should call 211 to report damage or go to  and complete the flood report form. It is one page, very simple and it will get the info to WI Emergency Management.  See original message of 9/10/2018 and Sheriff Department letter below.  Even if you don't have all the damage information compiled, it is important to have the initial notification filed.

UPDATE 9/12/2018:   Bypass at the Main Lift Station is continuing and auxiliary pumps on Hwy 23 are still in place, keeping Hwy 23 open for travel.  Residents should continue to utilize the 211 system for questions or to report situations or damages.  If a Disaster Declaration is received, it will be county-wide, thus the reason for having all claims and accounts in one central location.  As always, specific questions can be directed to your local officials.  Additional sandbags were obtained today as needed.

UPDATE 9/10/2018:   River is said to crest within the next 24 hours.  As provided on 9/6/2018 the Emergency 211 System is in place for residents or business owners to contact should there be any questions regarding flood waters and their effects.  This is also the site to report damages on-line.  Dial #211 or #1-800-924-5514 or visit  This reporting line is for ALL COUNTY RESIDENTS.  

UPDATE 9/8/2018:  Due to the flood waters in the City of Princeton, the influent pumps at the main lift station are over capacity.  Because of this we began bypassing part of the influent to minimize health and property damage risks of flooded basements.  We are bypassing into the grassy area behind the main lift station which will act as a filter for the water flow.
UPDATE 9/6/2018: Green Lake County Emergency Management/Sheriff Department & 211 Notification system in place.  SEE MESSAGE FROM SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT BELOW.
*Situation is constantly being monitored through Green Lake County Emergency Management and Princeton Emergency Management personnel.
UPDATE 9/4/2018 Filled sand bags were brought in THIS AFTERNOON and are available at the Princeton Public Works Garage at 438 W Main Street.  First come-first serve. (9/5 update...prefilled bags are gone) however, Sand was delivered on 9/4/2018 and bags are available to fill if you are in need of sandbags.  This is also located at the Public Works Garage area.
UPDATE 9/4/2018 Mechanic Street behind the 600 block of W Water Street (behind stores) is Closed.  Water Street (downtown) and other streets in the City limits are open.  Pumping along Highway 23 is in place and will be continuing for the foreseeable future.  These pumps will divert rising water and allow Hwy 23 to remain open as well as providing the detour route for Hwy 22 going through town. 
UPDATE 9/1/2018 There is "no wake" imposed on the Fox River through Green Lake County Sheriff's Office.
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